IIC-Terr(o)Risc proposes a large array of services, either individual, or as a package solution. These services include the requirements for both operational information to help make decisions and tools for training or awareness of security matters, for cultural specifics and for strategic environments. They cover its specific areas of expertise – North Africa/ Middle East/ Sahel.

IIC-Terr(o)Risc provides four types of services in these fields.

They are notably offered to private companies, administrations, institutions, international organizations, training centres.

1  Political and security risk analysis

Assessment in a country, or a region at risk (operational reporting from both field investigation and analysis, integrating the whole of the interactive parameters (political, geopolitical, economic and strategic) , Prospective studies on instability / destabilizing factors, Up-to-date analysis and synthesis products, Operational recommendations & action plans.

2  Mapping decision makers and networks

Environment of the key-target – influence, economic weight, reputation, business practices

3  Monitoring and investigation

Targeted monitoring on multi-lingual electronic sources by country/ sector, Crisis follow-up ; tender and financial transactions monitoring, Competitive intelligence on targeted markets, Collecting data and documentary from clandestine networks, Elaborating specific applications

4  Training and awareness-raising

Preparing teams and expatriate personnel to high risk regions – political – criminal – terrorists – cultural, Environment understanding, Cultural specifics in business, Elaboration of dedicated multimedia tools