Founder of International Intelligence Cluster – Terr(o)Risc, Anne Giudicelli manages and coordinates a worldwide network of consultants and experts in France and abroad.

As an Arab and Muslim world specialist, Anne Giudicelli worked in the Middle East section of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for 8 years, in Paris as well as in other countries. After 9/11, she has been in charge of the analysis and follow- up of the files related to terrorism and Islamism in the Middle East and North Africa.
In 2005, she started up her own consultancy firm, IIC-Terr(o)Risc. She has since then added the Sahel area as part of her field expertise.
She has lived in most of the Arab countries (where she has learnt Arabic) notably for a long-stay in the UAE, first as a reporter then as a representative of the State.
In the past, she was an investigative journalist in the French press, and has wrote a book about violence in the French suburbs (“ La Caillera ”, Pub. Jacques Bertoin, 1991) from which she published an updated version in May, 2006 after the riots in November, 2005 (“Caillera…Cette France qui a peur”, Pub. Jean-Claude Gawsewitch). She also published in 2007 an essay on counterterrorism policies in Europe (“Le risque antiterroriste” -The counter -terrorism risk– Pub. Le Seuil).
She regularly addresses conferences and training sessions to various worldwide institutions, media organizations as well as private companies, and contributes to strategic research programs for French and European state administrations